The team

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The Team

Chairman of the board: Norwegian with 15 years business experience in Uganda, 6 years of experience developing quality i technical vocational education in Norway, running consultancy company for years.

Project Manager: Ugandan with 15 years of experience establishing and running a big boarding school, established many successful local projects, huge network, know personally the President of Uganda and many of the Ministers. Have been responsible for a Norwegian business in Uganda 5 years.

School director: Self-drive Ugandan with education as teacher with specialities in admiration, English and computer technology.

Project group in Uganda with a mix of different skills (Engineer, Teacher, Physiotherapist, and Lawyer).

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Karl Skaar

Senior Analyst – Managing Director

A highly successful professional, with a high degree of entrepreneurial flair, demonstrated through an outstanding record of achievement in formulating business strategies and spearheading complex projects/programmes.
Possesses a structured, analytical approach with a keen eye and attention to detail and combines an understanding of commercial matters and is able to get to the core of issues and promote viable solutions to achieve significant results.