Investment in NKB

NKBlogo2storNobel Knowledge Building (NKB) offers professional technical and vocational education and the required continuing education to achieve journeyman´s certificate at European standard.


The Business

Nobel Knowledge Building is a unique education provider for the country. The better skills and knowledge a person acquires, the better he can take care of his life and contribute more to the development of the country. Included rural electrification, renewable energy, and computer lab for transferring skills from US/Europe to Africa.

Costs: teachers, buildings, technical, equipment, and transport

Income: Students school fee, selling skills like building (houses), producing and maintenance as a part of the training.

Expected support from the Government, World Bank and EU (focus on building skills in Africa).

The Market

First destination is Uganda: 40 million people, 50% less than 15 years. Only some few percentages of the young attend Technical Vocational Education. People are used to and willing to pay for the education.

Use curriculum from Europe (The Netherlands, UK and Norway) to build a high standard for the education.

Renewable energy has a great marked in Uganda. The skills to set it up and maintain it is low. The school skill people to become good sellers and good to maintain the equipment. Connection to a Norwegian company specialised in exporting knowledge and equipment from Europe to Africa.


– Pre study (2014)
– Established a local project team (2015)
– Established Nobel Knowledge Building in Uganda (January 2016)
– Land for the school – 10 acres (January 2016)
– Local Project manager (January 2016)
– Director for the school (May 2016)
– Computer lab/solar electricity in the school (September 2016)
– Introduction weeks for selecting students (October 2016)
– Start for the first class (November 2016)
– Next introduction weeks for selecting students (March 2017)
– Planning for next location (end of 2017)


Run Tecnical Vocational Education where students get skills at the same standard you can find in US and Europe.

Use renewable energy local for the school as a part of the education. Become a part of the rural electrification being a chanel for transfering skills and equipment.

Be a large provider of Technical Vocatioal Education in developing countries



Interested, see: scandinavian investment network


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